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1 2 3 4 5 6 NextIt could be that in 2006 past referees believed that contact had to be much clearer than in South Africa and Brazil and you could argue it is easier to win a penalty now than in the past, with many officials considering a slight contact from a defender to be worthy of punishment.Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria against Iranian targets and convoys transporting weapons to Hezbollah, an Iran-backed Lebanese militia.England coach Gareth Southgate said after the game that although he had no complaints about Tunisia's penalty, he wondered why "it wasn't one at the other."



  • The sources added that while the Israeli war jets were striking on military targets in the Gaza Strip, Israeli army artillery stationed on the border between eastern Gaza Strip and Israel fired several shells at military lookout posts close to the border.
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  • The attack launched by Israeli drones on Beirut's southern suburbs last Sunday raised concerns about the possibility of the eruption of a new war between Lebanon and Israel.
  • "Chinese Wushu is a treasure of Chinese traditional culture. With a long history, profound meaning and unique glamor, Chinese Wushu is well known in the world," Chinese Consul General in San Francisco Wang Donghua said in a letter dated Dec. 3 to the organizers.
  • The Kuwaiti government appealed to all people to be cautious and follow up instructions and guidelines issued by official agencies.



  Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 NextOver the past weekend and the past few hours, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) and the Border Police forces have apprehended several additional suspects for investigation, according to a statement made by the IDF on Saturday evening.The Best Supporting Female Actor Award went to multi-Award-winner Allison Janney, for her "eats-her-own-young" mom in "I, Tonya."


A music band is seen performing at a ceremony to mark Ireland's National Day of Commemoration in Dublin, Ireland, July 8, 2018. A grand ceremony was held here on Sunday to mark Ireland's National Day of Commemoration, a day to remember those who sacrificed their lives for the nation in past wars as well as in the United Nations peacekeeping missions. (Xinhua/Zhang Qi)
SARAJEVO, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- Italy whitewashed Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) 3-0 in Euro 2020 Group J qualifier on Friday evening in Zenica, some 70 kilometers northwest of the capital Sarajevo.The site of Joseph is a destination for thousands of Israelis where they hold prayers and religious rituals of Judaism at the tomb of the Prophet Joseph, the eleventh son of the Prophet Jacob.
The disease, according to farmers in central Kenya, was prevalent in other areas including Nakuru and Trans Nzoia. However, excess rainfall in the area led to its emergence.It showed that adults regularly had their opinions influenced by peers but they were largely able to resist being persuaded by robots.
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- Sony's action adventure comedy film "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" remained atop North American box office, dominating the Martin Luther King holiday weekend with an estimated 27.03 million U.S. dollars through Sunday.
The AgriFi project is being implemented by Self Help Africa.
Italian President Sergio Mattarella (4th L, front) and Prime Minister Mario Draghi (5th L, front) pose for a group photo with other members of the new government at the Quirinal presidential palace in Rome, Italy, Feb. 13, 2021. The Italian government formed by newly-appointed Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who was the former chief of the European Central Bank (ECB), was officially sworn in on Saturday. (Pool via Xinhua)
"This is a major disruption for satellite IoT. Costs will drop, time to market will speed up, risk will be reduced," Desch added.Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next


  • From March 7 to April 26 in 2020, a Chinese team of seven medical experts spent 50 days in Iraq to help fight the disease, during which they helped build a PCR lab and install an advanced CT scanner in Baghdad.
  • NAIROBI, July 18 (Xinhua) -- Over 150 local and international golf players will compete in Kenya's KCB Karen Masters, which is a sanctioned Sunshine Tour tournament starting on Thursday in Nairobi.
  • Liu Haijun, president of CPECC, said that "the project of processing gas in Halfaya is of great importance for the development of Iraq's economy, and will contribute to providing sufficient dry gas for power stations."
  • This is the first time that Higgins had attended a China-related function publicly since his re-election as the Irish president in late October last year.
  • On Friday, thousands of Palestinians started the first day of the Great March of Return, a month long sit-in staged along the border fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel to demand the return of Palestinians refugees who were forced to leave their cities during the Arab-Israeli war in 1948."I am settled and happy at Spurs and leaving the team has not yet occurred in my mind at the moment," the national team skipper told reporters.She missed the 2004 Athens games due to poor form and settled for fifth spot in 15:46.32 over the 5,000m distance at Beijing Olympics 2008.
  • Also Monday, the Jack Ma Foundation (JMF) announced the first-stage funding of 3 million U.S. dollars to support the mission of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development (QRF) and its work in the country's educational field."We need money and government support to attain this goal. These players have given everything under difficult circumstances, now it is the chance for the government and sponsors to come on board and champion the way forward for the team. We need full focus to navigate through the Africa qualifiers," added Murunga.
  • The decision is another gesture made by Kim to seek an end to the confrontation with the United States and could pave the way for holding talks on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, said analysts.




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      香港ssc号码统计TOKYO, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) -- Japan on Wednesday said it will make all out diplomatic efforts to help ease tensions between Iran and the United States following Iran's latest nuclear moves.

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    In February, the majority of voters in a prefecture-wide referendum in Okinawa, rejected the government's plans to move the U.S. base to Henoko, calling for the Futenma base to be relocated off the island and out of Japan altogether against a backdrop of rising anti-U.S. sentiment on the island.

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    KUWAIT CITY, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- Kuwait reported on Saturday 851 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 176,903.

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    File photo shows a Kenyan exhibitor prepares coffee at the booth of Kenya at the first China International Import Expo in Shanghai, east China, Nov. 6, 2018. (Xinhua/Shen Bohan)

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    香港ssc号码统计"Uganda's best player is their goalkeeper. We have to find out a new way to make her defence porous. She made three very good saves and kept Uganda in the game on Wednesday," Ouma said. "I have to polish the skills of the team, especially on crossing the ball in the box and the strikers taking their chances."

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      But the Israeli army added that there are no special instructions for Israeli citizens throughout the Home Front.